Water Boreholes

Independant water supplies, free of chemicals and additives

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GSHP Boreholes

sing the ambient heat of the ground to heat your home, save money and reduce CO2

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Deep Bore Soakaways

An effective drainage solution when a standard soakaway is not appropriate

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Water well, Plaxtol, nr Sevenoaks, Kent

OT Drilling Ltd were asked to assess and complete a water borehole for a 17 acre small holding near Plaxtol requiring water to supply cattle and sheep grazing on the land. An 8″ borehole was drilled to 42m through the Hythe formation using an air flush technique providing a plentiful supply of water to the site.

Client feedback:

“OT Drilling were very efficient and pleasant to deal with. They turned up when they said they would , kept us informed of progress, worked extremely hard in difficult conditions, completed the borehole within the period they had indicated, and charged less than had been estimated. We had no complaints, indeed were extremely pleased with the whole operation, and would recommend them to anyone. They left the site in a clean and tidy condition” Stephen Paget-Brown.

Woodchurch Rare Breeds Centre, nr Ashford Kent

The Rare Breeds Centre is a 100 acre farm with visitor centre where OT Drilling used mud flush technique to drill through the Weald Clay and into the Tunbridge Wells Sands in an 8″diameter to 70m to provide an ample water supply to meet the needs of the centre.

Client feedback:

“We employed OT Drilling to install a borehole for water extraction at the Rare Breeds Centre at Woodchurch in Kent, Owen and his team at OT Drilling have proved to be entirely professional and knowledgeable with regard to meeting our requirements. OT Drilling are clearly experts who know what they are doing. The whole process has been handled in a manner that gives us confidence and has resulted in water extraction above our expectations. The project was on time and on budget. The service professional, informative and polite. We would recommend this company to other organisations without reservation.” Jerry Kenwood.

The Wychurst Project, nr Canterbury

The Wychurst project is a saxon settlement who approached OT Drilling to drill a water borehole. A 130m borehole was drilled using mud flush technique through 50m of London clay, all the tertiaries, until chalk was hit at around 100m.

Client feedback:

“The service we received was courteous and polite. Owen and his colleagues were professional and helpful throughout the process, answering our many questions to our full satisfaction before we committed ourselves to spending a brass farthing. There was no suggestion of a charge for an estimate as there was with other companies.” Alan Tidy