Water Boreholes

Independant water supplies, free of chemicals and additives

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GSHP Boreholes

sing the ambient heat of the ground to heat your home, save money and reduce CO2

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Deep Bore Soakaways

An effective drainage solution when a standard soakaway is not appropriate

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Deep Bore Soakaways

We are deep bore soakaway specialists covering Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Essex and London.

Deep bore soakaways offer an effective and comparatively cheap option for dealing with sites where traditional soakaways are not suitable. Deep bore soakaways offer the perfect solution to drainage problems. They are cheap to install, effective and trouble free.

They are constructed in the same way as a water borehole, a description of which can be found on our water boreholes page.

By looking at the geology we can assess to what depth the borehole needs to be drilled and what technique is required e.g. AIR/MUD.

We use our in house geological knowledge to design the installation and an OT Drilling team will come and drill the borehole. We offer an efficient and professional service, installing trouble free deep bore soakaways across Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, London and Essex.


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