Water Boreholes

Independant water supplies, free of chemicals and additives

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GSHP Boreholes

sing the ambient heat of the ground to heat your home, save money and reduce CO2

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Deep Bore Soakaways

An effective drainage solution when a standard soakaway is not appropriate

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You borehole questions answered

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is my site suitable for a borehole?

A. The suitability of a site will depend on the geology of the area and your water requirements. The geology and level of the water table will determine at what depth water can be found and in what quantities, but in most cases across the South East, due to the presence of chalk and limestone in the area, good yields of water can be found.

Q. Do you dowse for water?
A. Yes, In some cases we use a dowser to help locate aquifers. On initial enquiry we will undertake our own geological analysis using in house data and if more information is required we may request that you obtain a geological report and we may contact a dowser to visit the site.

Q. How much money can I expect to save off my bills?

A. This will depend on what you use the water for and the water yield at the given site. In many cases the cost of installing a water borehole can pay for itself in 1 year.

Q. Do I need a licence or permission?

A. No, as detailed in the Water Act of 2003 anyone is allowed to extract up to 20,000 litres or 20m3 per day without license or charge. If you wish to extract more than this, you will need to obtain an Abstraction License from the Environment Agency.

Q. How deep do you need to drill?

A. This depends on the geology of the ground and how far you need to drill to get to the water level. This will all be outlined in our quotation and supporting letter.

Q. Do you guarantee to find water?
A. It is impossible to 100% guarentee that water can be found at a given site but we would hope that through our initial discussions and research before drilling we have a clear idea of the ground conditions and likely yield. We would not undertake a job that we felt could not meet your requirements. We do find that through our experience and knowledge of the geology of the South East we can be confident about the expected yield and have not failed to find water to date. If water is not found then the initial quote will be adjusted to reflect this.

Q. Is borehole water safe to drink?
A. In many cases it is but sometimes dissolved minerals and pollutants can be found. Where the water is to be used for drinking, we would have the water tested by an accredited laboratory to show the content of the water. If contaminants are found a filter can be installed to ensure safe drinking water is supplied.

Q. How much does a borehole cost?
A. Each borehole is different and therefore we cannot provide a set price for a borehole however as a guide costs are usually between £70 and £100 per metre for a water borehole and between £35 and £50 per metre for a geothermal borehole. The cost will depend on the geology and depth to which the borehole needs to be drilled. Finance options are available.

Q. How much space do you need for access of machinery?
A. The drilling rigs we use are the size of a standard lorry with the largest rig measuring 2.85m x 10.2m which would usually be accompanied by a pick up and at least 1 trailer. If you have any concerns over access please contact us and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

Q. What does it look like when its finished?
A. The finish of the well can be above or below ground, though we prefer to finish above ground on farms, in line with Environment Agency advice, minimising the risk of contamination to the well from run-off containing slurry, chemicals, fuel etc. Above ground a housing unit much like a garden shed can be installed or if finished below ground a custom designed cover, much like a drainage cover will be installed.

Q. Are you insured?
A. Yes,


If you have any other questions, we would be happy to hear from you. Please fill out the form on the contacts page.